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45 pounds less weight loss experience summary

There are so many different ways to lose weight circulating on the Internet , do you feel a little confused ? Do you want to know how the weight loss people in the forum succeeded in losing weight ? What method does they use ? What is their weight loss experience ?

1 . Try not to take diet pills , some diet pills should be taken with caution !

Such as Qumei , don’t think that any weight loss pills can be eaten randomly . Qumei is generally suitable for people after the age of 25 , because the tune contains a thing that stimulates the brain (I doesn’t / didn’t know the specifics but my cousin is She , the agent who makes music , never eats . They do not eat more than 25 pairs of internal staff . Most of the weight loss pills do not want to eat after eating but want to drink water desperately . In fact , they only subtract the water in the body . , remember ! The weight you lose before losing 10 to 8 pounds is all the water in your body .

25 Slimming Fast Ways:

2 . Drink a soup before dinner , this tricks is very uncomfortable , it works !

Doesn’t eat your favorite foods when you eat , and eat some greens under your stomach . It’s best to eat fruits 2 hours after a meal . The fruits that come out of each season have the restraint of the physical ills of this season . Watermelon can add water , and persimmon can clear heat .

3 . Don’t drink Coke and Sprite , these are all fat MM life gadgets !

We should treat it as a beast of floods . Slowly we should get rid of this habit and drink white water and tea instead (black tea and green tea are very good )

4 . Hoard a large number of tomatoes in the refrigerator

During the summer vacation , you can store a lot of tomatoes in the refrigerator . This is a good thing . My previous skin was very yellow and not good , and I was fat . I think it is horrible . I insist on eating tomatoes every day for a summer vacation (Eat every day 5.6 , I’m playing !) . The main thing is that tomato is very satisfying and can replace rice . Be careful to eat red ! It’s also very cooked and eaten . After a summer vacation , I found that people are really white . In addition , vegetables that are beneficial to weight loss are (I think they have been effective ) cabbage . Chinese cabbage . Celery Spinach Lettuce ( It is highly recommended that you can grow your breasts . ) . I also like to eat meat on a regular basis , but now I eat it 1-2 times a week . This is definitely not exceeded . I only eat one bowl of rice per meal but I will eat a large dish . Don’t put too little Oil , people who eat less meat for a long time are actually full of constipation , you can eat vegetable oil and sesame oil , eat more pigskin ! This is a good thing than pork . It’s super rich in collagen

5 . Have time to jump at home or dormitory

There is no reduction in the world without exercise , especially the waist . (I just put the DVD at home and then jump along with the music ~ then generally speeds up the general jump for 1 hour . I insist on at least 1 week in a month . )

6 . Go to the doctor and let the doctor classify you

Some MM can’t lose weight , you can go to the doctor and ask the doctor to classify you . There are many types of obesity to see whether it is simple obesity or because of illness . Acupuncture is also good . Acupuncture advocates conditioning first and then losing weight . Theory , but the acupuncturist must find the right one !

7 . Soup is a good thing

Eat all year round , some fat girls have anemia ! After the MC is finished , remember to stew some red dates and wolfberry chicken soup to drink to make up the blood . If you want to be beautiful , you can add more chicken feet to the soup . The collagen of the chicken feet is not covered !

8. Weight loss can not be speedy

Like I used to lose weight for nearly 5 years , but the body is too fast to load , so remember to set a period of body rest , such as every 10 pounds of rest for half a year or 3 months , let the metabolism slow down to adapt So that the metabolism is not easily disturbed

There are also some things I thought about when I post them again~ Too many~ Anyway , if you want to lose weight , you have to be cruel ! There is no way I used to eat supper . I cried for a long time in order not to eat . I could not bear to open the refrigerator . It was worth it !

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