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4 tips for women to lose weight in spring exercise

Let’s exercise in the spring , skinny legs and waist , in order to wear a beautiful skirt in summer , hurry up now , do small exercises to achieve the effect of weight loss.Let’s take a look at 4 sports-related Words , make a simple common sense before the exercise begins .

Aerobic exercised :

When we perform a regular , steady-speed exercise to keep the heartbeat at an average of 120 times/min-160 times/min (taking 20 years old as an example ) , such exercise is continued for about 20 minutes or more , For aerobic exercise , such as long-distance running , aerobics and other small-intensity long-term exercise .

Anaerobic exercised :

generally refers to high-speed , violent , explosive , and high-intensity exercise completed in a short time , with a heartbeat of more than 160 beats per minute (take 20 years old as an example ) , which makes you feel breathless . Anaerobic exercised . Such as sprint , weight lifting , long jump and other high-intensity short-term sports .

Calories :

Heat unit , which is defined as the heat required to increase 1 gram of water by 1 degree at 1 atmospheric pressure , the unit is Joule . The nutrients in food are mostly composed of protein , fat and carbohydrate . These will provide body heat . The number of calories varies depending on the type of nutrition in the food . Adding about 4000 calories will increase our fat by about 1 pound .

Metabolism :

In the human body , the metabolism is constant and unconscious , including heartbeat , breathing , and the operation of all organs . This is a process of energy exchange and transformation of matter . The calories we breathe every day are consumed by the way the body operates and exercises . This process is also called metabolism . So it includes both its own basic metabolism and the metabolism of different sports every day .

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