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Weight Loss / Exercise to lose weight / 4 small movements to lose weight , shape the perfect curve

4 small movements to lose weight , shape the perfect curve

Shape your good shape , some small sports can help you better show your figure . You can lose weight effectively without spending a small amount of money .Let’s try 0 yuan to lose weight quickly !

Step1 : Gymnastics for raising hips ” pelvis “

In Japan , ” pelvic ” gymnastics is a major topic of weight loss in recent times . Some rumors say that because the pelvis supporting the waist and abdomen has been loosened and expanded , it especially loves to accumulate fat and it is difficult to lose weight . Therefore , tightening the pelvis through some necessary weight-loss exercises can serve multiple purposes . This action is often seen in yoga or other gymnastics . It is supine , with your shoulders close to the ground , with your hands on your side , and then slowly raising your back , it looks like you are holding up your hips . It can tighten the lower body and has a good shaping effect on the waist shape , hip shape and leg shape .

Step2 : Standing against the wall of 3 minutes

This action requires the head , shoulder blades , hips , and heels to stand against the wall . Pay attention to abdomen and hip lift , so that it to last about 3 minutes . When you get used to this posture , you can balance your whole body of opening your eyes . If you are not used to this posture or make you feel uncomfortable , it means that your bones have been tilted or distorted . As long as you pay more attention and adjust it in time , it will not only relieve the discomfort of the shoulder scales and waist , but also improve Metabolism . This little action without spending money is also very effective against those new mothers that have postpartum to take their belly .

Step3 : Use your hands and feet , thin face

This action is to exhale with your nose , bend your wrist and ankles to 90 degrees , and then exhale with your mouth while raising your wrist and ankles to a level . Do 5 to 6 times for bed before getting up in the morning and about 10 to 15 times before going to bed at night . The body can immediately warm up , which is very good at/for female cold syndrome or air conditioning disease . What you don’t know is that after the blood metabolism in the whole body is improved , the puffiness can be eliminated , and the effect on the thin face is also good , magical !

Step4 : Golf ball lowers body

Golf , everyone should be quite familiar with it . This noble sport requires a lot of money , and his equipment is also very valuable . The golf ” sports ” to be said are really just one golf ball . You can sit on the sofa and watch TV , while rolling the golf ball of your feet back and forth , not only can eliminate fatigue , but also make your mood better . The reason for the wonderful effect is that there is nerve endings of various organs on the soles of the feet . Through the golf ball of the reflex area , it can promote blood circulation and relieve physical discomfort .

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