Weight Loss / Exercise to lose weight / 4 sets of moves let you get rid of big thick legs! Want to move your legs together with me!

4 sets of moves let you get rid of big thick legs! Want to move your legs together with me!

It’s no longer a day or two for Ai Doujie to play with legs, and there are more than one or two beautiful leg goddesses. Mo Wenwei, the permanent resident of the beautiful leg industry, has legs that are thin and straight.

The slender straight chopstick legs with high power in recent years are also one of the topics that people talk about, that beauty, that white, that thin ~ walking on the street can instantly be full of gas!

Slimming Fast Ways:

In the Chinese version of “Pretty Li Huizhen”, Miss Xia Qiao’s actor Li Xirui, as the female number two, seized the hot search with a pair of beautiful legs.

From this point of view, the leg, an organ that occupies a large proportion of the body, is really important. Since that is the case, I will come to Amway today for a wave of stovepipe exercises~

Step 1:

First of all, we have to prepare a yoga blanket at home, you can lie on the bed without yoga blanket.

First lay the left side of the body on the blanket, bend the left leg with the knee, and let the lower leg and thigh gather at a 90° state behind them; then, while the right toe hits the ground, the left arm flexes the elbow and gathers it to support the head, and the other right hand Support the ground and press down on the waist.

Maintain this posture, raise your right leg upward, and press your right foot in the opposite direction; hold this posture for 5 seconds, and repeat 7 times for each side.

Step 2: Keep your upper body in the same motion as Step 1, with your left leg straight, and place your right foot on the ground in front of your left knee.

Then lift the left leg upwards at a slower speed to have an effect. Apply pressure on the sole of the right foot to keep the body from swaying; keep this posture for 5 seconds and repeat the same left and right seven times.

Step 3: Spread your legs to lie on the ground with shoulder width, keep your body relaxed. Put your arms straight next to you, then your abdominal muscles sink.

Then lift your left leg, bend your knees, close your lower legs and thighs, but don’t cling to each other, just keep your normal bending posture. Then hug the calf with both hands, hold the toes up and down while pressing the left and right soles, and keep the breathing rhythm at the same time, it is ok after 5 seconds of rest~

Step 4:

Lie on the ground with your whole body stretched, your legs slightly open, the soles of your feet stretched straight, and your insteps are on the ground; then your arms are bent and stacked to support your forehead, your shoulders should rise, your insteps, front of thighs, pelvis, abdomen, and chest should be close to the ground . The whole body is exerting force in this movement, and there must be a feeling of being dragged by people before and after.

After keeping this position, the right leg bends the knee, the lower leg is raised, keeping the big and small legs at 90°, breathe for 10s, and do 7 times on each side. When doing this leg lift, you can obviously feel that the buttocks muscles become very tight; so if you do it carefully, it will also be very effective for shaping the buttocks~

There is no need to set aside time every day to do it, because the action is simple and easy to remember, and it is completely stress-free every day before going to bed. Hold on for a month, everyone can see the changes in the legs!

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