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4 kinds of breakfast weight loss combination to eat slim feminine

4 ways to eat breakfast to make women younger and incorrect breakfast will hurt your health . The following 4 breakfast combinations are the most common , but they all have their own nutritional traps . See if you avoid it .

1 . Bread and milk

Nutrition trap : blood sugar rises fast , tired and tired bread no matter salty or sweet , there is a lot of fat content , and too much sugar , and after exquisite processing , the nutritional value is not high . A breakfast with too much sugar will cause blood sugared to rise quickly and then fall quickly , which can easily lead to symptoms such as tiredness and insanity .

How to eat healthy

1 . Eat less stuffed bread , its calorie and fat content is higher than white bread .

2 . If you want to eat sweet bread , you may choose to use whole wheat toast to 1 teaspoon of jam , but avoid spreading cream , peanut butter , etc . every day , otherwise it will increase the intake of trains fat .

3 . Two slices of toast to a slice of low-fat cheese , then drink a bottle of low-fat milk or yogurt , is a more appropriate choice . If you eat lettuce , tomatoes , cucumbers , the nutrition will be more balanced .

2 . Biscuits and fritters

Nutrition Trap : The fat is too high , and the calorie of a biscuits is about 230 ~ 250 calories , about 25% of which comes from fat . Fritters are high-temperature fried foods . Not only are the fats high and difficult to digest , but after the food is fried at high temperatures , nutrients are destroyed and carcinogens are also produced .

How to eat healthy

1 . It should not be eaten more than once a week , and lunch and dinner on that day must be as light as possible . Do not eat fried , fried or fried food .

2 . Due to the lack of vegetables for breakfast , the other two meals should be supplemented . May wished to choose scones with greens .

3 . It is recommended to drinking unsweetened soy milk , or just add a small amount of sugar to avoid eating too much sugar .

3 . Clear congee sided dishes family

Nutritional traps : lack of protein , sodium content is high , although porridge side dishes do not have the problem of high fat , but pickles and tofu with porridge are often too salty , the sodium content is too high , and processed foods are added with preservatives , often eaten easily hurt the liver , kidney . And this combination lacks protein .

How to eat healthy

1 . Choose the whole grain porridge , which is more nutritious and fuller than the clear porridge .

2 . When eating porridge , didn’t only serve as pickles , but also with a poached egg or a lean meat , in order to add enough protein ; it is best to add a plate of fried vegetables , the nutrition will be very balanced , and the potassium in vegetables , can Help the body expel sodium from the body .

4 . Vegetables and fruits

Nutrition Trap : Too low in calories . Eating fruits , vegetables and fruits . Breakfast looks ” healthy ” , but breakfast is a source of energy throughout the day and requires staple food to provide calories . Vegetables and fruits have too few calories , they are easily fatigue , and they are easily hungry . If you don’t eat staple food for a long time , it will cause malnutrition and weaken various functions of the body . In addition , bananas , pears and other fruits should not be eaten on an empty stomach .

How to eat healthy

1 . Pair with sandwiches or a piece of toast to increase the body’s energy .

2 . People with high triglycerides should not only eat fruit of breakfast , because triglycerides are related to fructose , carbohydrates , sweets , starch , etc . When it is too high , the intake of such foods should be reduced .

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