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4 common mistakes made by exercise to lose weight

Didn’t think that as long as you exercise more and sweat more , you can burn fat and lose weight . If you exercise too much , not only will your blood sugar drop sharply , and you will eat more , but it may also damage your health . Only moderate exercise combined with a light and modest diet is the key to successful weight loss .

Misunderstanding 1 : As long as you exercise more , you can achieve weight loss .

Although exercise can consume calories in the body , the effect of weight loss by exercise in is not obvious . Research shows that even if you play tennis for several hours every day , as long as you drink one or two cans or eat a few pieces of cakes , you will have to work hard to lose weight . It will disappear . Therefore , in order to obtain a lasting weight loss effect , in addition to engaging in sports , it should also be reasonably regulated from the diet .

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Misunderstanding 2 : Every time you insist on jogging for 30 minutes , you can lose weight .

Although jogging can achieve the purpose of aerobic exercise , the effect of weight loss is very little . Practice has proved that only when the exercise duration exceeds about 40 minutes , the body’s fat can be mobilized to supply energy with glycogen With the extension of exercise time , the amount of fat energy can reach 855 of the total consumption . It can be seen that the fat consumption are not obvious regardless of the intensity of exercise shorter than about 40 minutes .

Misunderstanding 3 : Fasting to exercise is harmful to health .

People always worry that fasting exercise will cause hypoglycemic reactions due to the consumption of large amounts of glycogen stored in the body , such as dizziness , fatigue , and palpitation , which are harmful to health . Dr. Tupa of the Dallas Bodybuilding and Sports Center in the United States believes that moderate exercise , such as quantitative walking , dancing , jogging , and cycling , is helpful for weight loss . This is because no new fatty acids in the body enter fat cells at this time , it is easier to consume excess brown fat , especially productivity , and the effect of weight loss is better than exercise after meals .

In addition , due to the appropriate amount of exercise , less heat energy consumption , enough storage in the body , will not affect health .

Misunderstanding 4 : The more exercise intensity , the more intense the exercise , the better the weight loss effect .

In fact , only long-lasting low-intensity aerobic exercise can make people consume excess fat . This is because during low-intensity exercised , muscles mainly use oxidized fatty acids to obtain energy , so that fat is consumed quickly . As to exercise intensity increases , the proportion of fat consumption decreases accordingly . When approaching high-intensity exercised , the proportion of fat energy supplied is only 155 . Therefore , easy and smooth , long-term low-intensity exercise or long-term exercise with a heart rate maintained at 100-124 beats/min is best for weight loss .

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