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Weight Loss / Easy weight loss / 30 Weight Loss Mistakes Slimming Women Must Avoid !

30 Weight Loss Mistakes Slimming Women Must Avoid !

It is really not difficult to successfully dump meat , the key is to use the right method . If you accidentally fall into a weight loss trap , it will become fatter . Today , the editor summarizes 30 weight loss mistakes for everyone . Don’t miss the MM that wants to become thin . As long as you avoid these traps , you can easily lose weight .

1 : Do not lose more than 1 kg a week

The safest way to lose weight is to not exceeding 1 kg a week , means 4 kg a month . If you lose more than 1 kilogram per week , it will cause water loss . The faster you lose weight , the faster the water loss . Too much water loss will hurt the body too quickly , . So it must be under the supervision of a doctor . Heavyweight weights / weighted loss program .

2 : No breakfast is the biggest mistake

breakfast must be rich and full , breakfast can improve the body’s metabolic power , can also restrain the desire to eat snacks , so , skipping breakfast is definitely not conducive to weight loss .

3 : Never overeating

does abide by the laws of three meals : ” Eat breakfast , eat enough Chinese food , and eat less dinner ” . Don’t undermine this principle by eating too much . Once you get used to this diet , you will naturally establish a good diet Habits , weight loss and weight loss will be just around the corner .

4 : Use one day with caution-an apple diet

An artist once used an apple a day to achieve the purpose of weight loss . Apple is rich in pectin , although it can achieve the effect of fullness and weight loss , but eating only one apple a day will not only cause serious nutrition imbalance , but also may seriously damage the health of the body , so don’t try it easily . A relatively safe method is that Apple only replaces one meal , and the other two meals are still eaten normally .

5 : Carefully choose liposuction to lose weight

Liposuction is used . Once the technique is not good , it is likely to cause severe ulcers or infections , and there is a possibility of rebound after the operation . Those who want to use liposuction to lose weight still have to think twice and don’t try it easily .

6 : Take qualified diet pills carefully

Several weight-loss drugs that have been tested and approved by the health department are available on the market . Such weight-loss drugs can reduce the body’s absorption of fat , but they may also affect the absorption of various vitamins and fatty acids , which is easy to cause nutrients . Lack , . So it must be purchased in accordance with the doctor’s prescription , do not use it at will .

7 : Never watch TV while eating

Watching TV while eating often eats too much food unconsciously , so absolutely avoid placing snacks around when watching TV .

8 : Use meat to lose weight cautiously

A diet method that only eats meat but no food can be more resistant to hunger and improve the body’s metabolism , but it will cause excessive burden on the kidneys , and also cause cramps and bone loss due to calcium and phosphorus imbalance . There is also a saying that eating fat to lose weight is likely to cause blood lipids to rise and cause various diseases . Therefore , eating meat to lose weight is a dangerous way to lose weight .

9 : Use hunger to lose weight cautiously

Hunger weight loss is the most common way to lose weight , that is , to lose weight by not eating or eating very little food , but because there is not enough calories to cope with basic physiological functions , the body will first store fat and consume lean muscle to cope What is needed in the body results in only fat remaining in the body , resulting in lower and lower basal metabolism , and the result is likely to become fatter .

10 : Try not to eat snacks and supper

3 hours before going to bed should stop all kinds of eating activities , because what you eat before going to bed is most likely to become fat . In addition , snacks are also an important factor of weight loss failure . Once determined to lose weight , discard all snacks at home ! If you really can’t resist the desire to eat , you can choose to drink water or eat food with lower calories instead .

11 : Taste is the biggest taboo for weight loss

Condiments such as salt , sugar , monopodium glutamate and other seasonings are very high . If the taste is too heavy , it means that you have ingested too many calories .

12 : Never make excuses

Don’t to make all kinds of excuses because of greed for desire , for example : start losing weight tomorrow , exercise only tomorrow . Only a strong will can successfully lose weight and lose weight .

13 : Use diet sugar or diet tea with caution

There are various weight loss sugars or weight loss teas on the market that are marked with a weight loss effect . The main function are to reduce appetite and reduce food intake ; but like the hunger weight loss method , it is very easy to cause malnutrition , endocrine disorders or metabolic disorders . If you do not continue to take it , it is likely to rebound .

14 : Use diuretics or laxatives to lose weight with caution

Diuretics can diuretic , dehydrate the body , and temporarily lose weight , but the only reduction is that water is not fat , and it will destroy kidney function . Eating laxatives can cause diarrhea and reduce appetite . Taking laxatives frequently can cause various gastrointestinal diseases such as intestinal relaxation , so don’t try it easily .

15 : Use spa intestine sparingly

Large Intestine Hydrotherapy is known to eliminate bowel movements to achieve weight loss . In fact , it only helps to excrete feces and temporarily lose weight . Moreover , because Large Intestine Hydrotherapy is an invasive therapy , improper operation may bruise the intestinal wall or cause constipation of diarrhea , so don’t try it easily .

16 : Use diet replacement diet carefully

qualified meal replacements can indeed provide nutrients of good quality . However , if you buy meal replacement packages with harmful ingredients , not only can you lose weight , but also hurt your health . So choose a meal replacement package must be guided by professionals , otherwise do not try easily .

17 : Don’t just eat meat but not vegetables , fruits and cereals

If the stress is too high , and eat too many high-fats or high-protein foods , the serotonin will be reduced , and you will feel more stress , . So you want to relieve it by eating and drinking . Conversely , eating more fruits and vegetables can maintain a certain level of serotonin in the brain , can easily face the pressure in life , and will not have the urge to overeating due to a little setback . So don’t just eat meat and not fruits , vegetables and fruits .

18 : Refuse all kinds of attractive diet pills

TV and various print media can often see many attractive weight loss advertisements , people are eager to try . For example , a certain actress took some weight loss pills and lost 30 kilograms in a month , a certain male star used a certain herb , and her waistline was reduced from 125 cm to 99 cm . Looking at the real people in the advertisement , are you tempted ? In fact , not all the diet pills that are currently on the market are qualified and can be sold publicly . However , even qualified diet pills are best used with the permission of a doctor . Other weight loss pills of unknown origin are likely to contain diuretics or laxatives , which are quite detrimental to your health . Do not try them easily .

19 : Exercise to lose weight requires persistence

Does often rest during exercise ? For example , do you take a 10-minute break after skipping rope for 5 minutes ? In aerobic exercise , the most important thing is not to rest halfway . If you do less than 20 minutes of aerobic exercise in one breath , you will not be able to eliminate body fat . If you exercise in the gym for about an hour , even if you run for 10 minutes on a treadmill , and then ride a bicycle for 10 minutes after a break . This intermittent exercise cannot break with body fat .

20 : Do not change the aerobic equipment too fast

Treadmills , climbing machines , indoor bicycles , etc . be the basic aerobic exercise equipment in the gym . In order to use different equipment in a balanced way , do you practiced 10 minutes on a treadmill , 5 minutes on a step machine , and 10 minutes on a bicycle . Even if it is a very effective weight loss exercise , as long as you often change the exercise in the exercise , it will reduce the exercise effect . In this case , it is best to practice one item each day , or concentrate on one of them , in order to improve the weight loss effect . In addition , to focus on training physical fitness equipment , at least 12 to 15 times per group of training , each time to complete two sets of actions . If you only practice 5 to 6 times each time , the exercise effect is almost equal to zero .

21 : Sit-ups are not a good way to eliminate belly fat

As long as diligently do sit-ups , can you eliminated belly fat ? actually not . Sit-ups can strengthen abdominal muscles , but can not eliminate abdominal fat . Sit-ups are anaerobic exercises , . So they can hardly break with body fat .

Aerobic exercised can eliminate body fat in a balanced manner , . So you can not only eliminate fat on specific parts . If you want to eliminate belly fat , you should do aerobic exercise such as running , cycling , swimming . In this way , with the elimination of fat on the whole body , the fat on the abdomen can also be eliminated .

22 : Exercise weight loss time should not be concentrated on the weekend

Is it hard to find time to exercise ? At least 4 times a week of exercise to get a significant weight loss effect . No matter how busy you are , exercise is the minimum investment for health . For health reasons , exercise time must be ranked first in daily life . Even concentrated exercise on the weekend can’t effectively reduce weight .

23 : Absolutely avoid drinking alcohol and sweetened beverages

Drinking 100 ml of xo with 40% alcohol concentration will produce 240 calories in the body , which is equivalent to eating a bowl of rice . Therefore , those who want to lose weight must not drink alcohol , and sugar-sweetened beverages must also be avoided , and must not be greedy .

24 : Exercise to lose weight needs to add water

Some people mistakenly believe that ” drinking water will make you fat , no matter how thirsty you can’t drink water ” . In fact , this kind of thinking is very wrong . In the process of body fat decomposition , you must ensure that there is sufficient water in the body , so during exercise , you must drink a lot of water to improve the weight loss effect . Before and after exercise , you must drink a lot of water to make the body sweat , . So it helps to lose weight . If you feel thirsty , it means that your body lacks water , . So you must add enough water every day .

During exercise , if you feel thirsty , don’t endure it , and always add watered . If you continue to exercise in a thirsty state , it is easy to cause dehydration of the body , which is not conducive to health .

25 : Sometimes the scale does not explain the problem

Within the first month of starting to exercise , there is a general phenomenon of weight gained . If you suddenly start exercising , it will consume a lot of body fat , but can increase muscle . For the same volume of body fat and muscle , the weight of body fat is 1/3 of the muscle , so even if the body fat decreases , the increased muscle weight will also lead to weight to gain .

If you want to check the effect of exercise , you should use your body sized as a benchmark for weight loss . If the waist and thigh sizes are used as the basis of the exercise effect , it is easy to see the effect of weight loss .

Two months after exercise , there will be a significant weight loss effect . With the increase in muscle mass , when not exercising , it can also increase calorie consumption and promote the burning of body fat .

26 : Eat only fruit

Often hears that some ladies who love beauty say that they only eat fruits for breakfast in order to lose weight and beautify . The fruit contains only vitamins , minerals and cellulose , these are essential substances for the human body , but it contains only a small amount of carbohydrates and very little protein , which simply cannot meet our metabolic needs in the morning , so the human body will Perform self-regulation and use the glycogen and protein stored in the body . Over time , skin dryness and wrinkling may occur , which accelerates the aging of the human body . Milk products (yogurt or milk ) and coarse grain products (oatmeal , whole wheat bread , etc . ) should be added in moderation .

27 : Eat while walking

The rhythm of life is increasing . A large number of people like to eat while walking , or even run while eating , which is also very bad . When the human body are eating , the gastrointestinal tract is busy working , and the blood supply here is relatively rich . If the human body are exercising again at this time , the ” electricity supply ” of the gastrointestinal tract is diverted to a greater extent , which will definitely affect The normal digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract leads to gastritis and even gastroptosis .

28 : Drink yogurt on an empty stomach

Yogurt has many benefits for the intestinal tract , . So it is also popular with everyone , but drinking yogurt on an empty stomach is really not too good . The human stomach acid concentration is relatively high on an empty stomach . The probiotics in yogurt are easily destroyed by stomach acid and lose their due value ; Moreover , yogurt can secrete gastric acid . If there is no food to neutralize gastric acid at this time , it may cause gastritis , gastric ulcer and other diseases in the long term . While drinking yogurt , eat some carbohydrate foods , such as noodles , buns , bread , etc .

29 : Irregular eating time

Some people eat breakfast , the collocation is reasonable , that is , the eating time is irregular , one is to eat breakfast immediately after going to bed , and the other is to start eating near noon . Eating time is either too short , rushed to finish in 5 minutes , or too long , drinking morning tea for 1 to 2 hours , this is not too good , eating time is too short , is not conducive to the secretion of digestive juice , affecting digestion ; Eating too long will continue to ingest food , causing excessive food intake .

Under normal circumstances , breakfast time is arranged from 6 : 30 to 8 : 30 , or halves an hour after getting up , and the eating time should be controlled at 15 to 20 minutes .

30 : Vegetarian food must be based on cold food

Some vegetarians believe that vegetables are only healthy if they are eaten raw , . So they rarely eat cooked dishes and are keen on cold salads and salads . In fact , many nutrients in vegetables require the addition of fat to be well absorbed . After heating , the integrity of the cell wall is destroyed , and the absorption rate is greatly improved . For example , vitamin k , carotene , and lycopene are all nutrients that are more easily absorbed after cooking . Among them , vitamin K is necessary for bone health , carotene is a precursor of vitamin A , and lycopene is an important healthy ingredient for antioxidant and cancer prevention . At the same time , it should also be not that the fat content of the salad dressing is as high as 60% or more . Using it for cold salad is no less calorie than cooking with fat .

It should also be not that cold food often weakens the digestion and absorption of the body’s gastrointestinal tract .

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