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30 minutes spring running weight loss exercised method

Spring is a good time for running to exercise . American News has published two very effective 30-minute exercises .

30 seconds-30 seconds-60 seconds

First , run for 5 minutes very relaxed , and use it as a warm-up preparation activity . Then speed up and running for 30 seconds , and then use 30 seconds to slow down the speed , and finally run for 60 seconds . In the end , the 60-second speed is faster than the 30-second acceleration run , but not to reach the speed of the sprint , it should be gradually accelerated , and run as fast as possible . The 30 seconds in the middle are not jogging , but just slowing down the pace and ” buffering ” for the next run . In accordance with the exercise schedule of 30 seconds-30 seconds-60s seconds , do 4 sets of exercises , rest for 2 minutes between each set of exercises , and relax during the 2 minutes by walking or jogging .

Find a ring road where no motor vehicles pass , and run the entire journey effortlessly in 3 to 5 minutes . After finishing the warm-up preparations , the circular speed run started and it was time to record . When running the second lap , it takes 5-10 seconds less than the first lap . Then walk or jog for 1 minute to relax . Then start the third lap , using 5 to 10 seconds less speed than the second lap . Do 3 to 5 sets of exercises like this . Each set takes 5 to 10 seconds less than the previous set . Finally , let the body calm down and the exercise is completed .

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