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3 things to lose weight after dinner, decide your figure “fat and thin”

Fat friends who lose weight have noticed that autumn is the most prone to obesity . I don’t know if you found that after the autumn , the climate is not as hot as before . At this time , the weather is a little bit more comfortable , and my appetite is also better . I am about to enter the season of tonic , so ” autumn fat ” is also raging ! The following editors teach you how to prevent autumn obesity . Just do 3 things after dinner to prevent fat accumulation .

You must pay attention to a reasonable diet and exercise , but don’t wait for the fall and winter to pass , the circle is unrecognizable .

People who want to lose weight and do not want to gain weight after Liqiu , just stick to 3 things and let you lose weight !

Does these things well after dinner , you can have a good figure of autumn and winter !

1 . No supper after dinner

Eating midnight snacks or tonic supplements at night is one of the main reasons why you get fat . You can eat six or seven full meals for dinner . Do not quit midnight snacks , eat midnight snacks before going to bed at night , the stomach and intestines will not get rest , have been running digestion , fat is easy to grow at night . If you are really hungry , you can drink a glass of skim milk and an egg .

2 .60 minutes of exercise after a meal

The amount of exercise is reduced at night . After eating , sit and play with your mobile phone to watch TV . With such low calorie consumption , fat will be waiting for growth . At this time , if you want to open a gap between others , just let yourself to move . For example , after taking a 30-minute break after eating , go out for a walk for 30 minutes and walk for 30 minutes . Or after a 1-hour break in eating , go out for a jog for 30 minutes . Then when you sleep , the gastrointestinal food is basically exhausted , and sleeping at night to consume body fat . The next day you will notice that your weight has become significantly lighter .

3 . Go to bed before 12 : 00 without staying up late

Staying up late is almost common to many young and young people , but staying up late has caused a lot of people with hormonal disorders , increased life threatening degree , increased cancer risk of sudden death , easy to gain weight and physical appendages . Only by quitting the addiction of staying up late can your body find a healthy one . The law of life allows you to reduce the probability of obesity .

It is recommended that you go to bed before 12 o’clock in the evening , it is best to close your eyes at 11 o’clock , this times is when the liver begins to detoxify . If you are used to going to bed late , then you can go step by step and advance your sleep time by 1 hour earlier . For example , if you get used to going to bed at 1 o’clock in the morning after 2 a . M to 1 a . M , you can go to bed at 12 a . M early Over time , your sleeping time will return to normal rest time .

Three points , it is not difficult to say , but many people can not stick to it . But you must know that losing weight is not an easy task . Only a few people can counterattack and gain the envy of others . Victory always belongs to the minority , so will you become one of those few ?

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