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20 tips to lose weight in spring

Spring Festival , it’s time for us to relax and be happy . do your appetite increase in this day , and you were stuck on the sofa while watching TV while munching snacks ? Unconsciously , the waist was two thicker . Presumably you who love beauty is also worried about not being able to put on a skirt to show the charming posture in the Spring Festival , so hurry up and participate in our spring weight loss action .

1 . Slowly enjoy every bite of food

Chewing slowly is not just a symbol of a lady , it is indeed a little secret . Chew 20 times per swallow , you can better experience the pleasure of eating .

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2 . Leave a bite of food in the dish

After the meal , leave one or two pieces of food in the dish . If you have a few chickens , a few frenches fries , and a few vegetables left in the dish you ordered , just eat them as you like , and the rest can be packaged for your Mimi .

3 . Don’t eat dinner while watching TV

Although it feels a lot more relaxed and relaxed , you will unknowingly eat more and more , the longer you eat !

4 . Get some snacks at 3pm

Calling diet all day is useless ! Hunger will only make you more irritable . You can eat less and eat more meals , eat two or three soda crackers or fruit at 3 pm , which will prevent you from rushing to the dinner table like a wolf at night !

5 . Drink a glass of warm water in the morning

Remember in the morning , drinking a cup of warm water can dredge the intestines , and can also dilute the blood viscosity and lower blood pressure . Also remember that boiled water is the best drink . Drinking 8 glasses a day can speed up the metabolism . The most important thing is that your skin will Full of elasticity and luster throughout the day .

6 . Buy small packages of food and bulk sweets

When buying some food and sweets , buy small packages or buy them in bulk . When I buy small packages of food , I feel that I am small and exquisite , but I only buy one package and never buy more .

7 . Have some snacks before visiting the supermarket

The easiest way to destroy your weight loss planned is when visiting the supermarket . If you don’t want to do whatever you want , just eat something before shopping , especially at 3-7 pm , when your blood sugar is at its lowest . Facing tempting food will make your desire increase greatly .

8 . Eat rich breakfast

It is a stupid idea to think that you can lose weight without eating breakfast . A rich breakfast will make you full of energy all day long . Not eating for half a day will only consume your muscle instead of fat , and an unstable diet will only produce calories that can be converted into fat , and will make you dizzy all day long .

9 . Drink soup and eat fruit before meals

This is everyone’s usual habit . Drinking soup and eating fruits are always stuffed into your mouth when you are already full . This will only make your stomach continue to grow . The next situation is ” fat up ” . If you drink soup and eat fruits before meals , you will not eat too much during meals .

10 . Change drinking milk to skim milk

Although a cup of whole milk (250 ml ) has about 165 calories , it will not cause fattening . But if you drink it every day , you might as well drink skim milk , because it has only half the calories of whole milk , but the calcium and protein is the same .

11 . Cancel or shorten the nap

Cancel or shorten the siesta , especially right after eating . Try to talk to your colleagues and family members about the jokes you only heard to adjust your emotions , and the feelings between you will greatly increase !

12 . Brush your teeth as early as possible

This principle also applies to lunch . A fresh breath will keep you from suppressing the desire to keep snacking .

13 . A full-length mirror in the bathroom

It’s not just a mirror that can only touch your shoulders , it’s better to be able to cover your whole body . You can always check where you are getting fat again .

14 . Buy a pair of beautiful sneakers

Sports should be dressed freshly to have a good mood . Buy a pair of beautiful sneakers and cute sports socks as a reward for starting or sticking to the plan !

15 . List exercised time and content

List your exercise time and specific content on the calendar , what is the point of cheating yourself ?

16 . Take a full body photo

Before you formulate a new exercise regulation , take a full-body photo of heroic posture and save it . Keep on exercising . If you look at this photo when you are discouraged , it will make you re-energize !

17 . Pick up match sticks

Sprinkle a box of matches on the ground every day , then bent down to pick up , the legs can not be bent , this trick can effectively exercise the thighs and abdomen , at the same time can improve blood circulation and increase the oxygen supply of the brain . How about , hurry up and practice it . Although exercise is the best way to consume excess fat in the body , some casual habits of diet and life are also the reasons that cause you to gain weight .

18 . Massage 30 minutes after bath

If possible , taking a hot bath every day is the best way to relax nervous nerves . 30 minutes after the hot water bath is the best time to lose weight , then apply massage cream to the body parts you need to lose weight in a circular motion , 20 minutes each time , not only has an emollient effect , but also can effectively remove excess fat .

19 . Change the elevator to climb stairs

Climb the stairs for at least 15 minutes every day to eliminate 150 calories . Keep climbing the stairs to increase your vital capacity and exercise 15 muscles . Don’t believe it , if you only take the elevator , you will climb 4 stairs after 1 month to keep you breathless !

20 . Buy some tight sweaters

It is inevitable to wear large clothes in winter , but do not forget to buy a few tight coats , or find more opportunities to show your arms and wear a skirt . Exercising your body will remind you to ” keep ” .

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