Weight Loss / Weight loss diet / 2 weight loss recipes to quickly become a thin beauty

2 weight loss recipes to quickly become a thin beauty

Two weighted loss recipes to help you get rid of toxins in the body , and gradually develop a lean body of the step-by-step process . Let you be a beautiful slim woman in the hot summer !

Weight loss recipe : tender tofu in tomato sauce

Ingredients : a piece of tender tofu (about 200g ) , tomato 100g , dried scallop (scallop ) 20g .

Seasoning : 10ml of oil , 5g of salt , 3g of sugar , appropriate amount of coriander , and a little raw powder .

Wonderful system :

1 . Dry scallop blisters , torn into filaments ;

2 . Carefully slice the tender tofu , place it in a steamer and steam for 2 minutes , remove it and pour off the water in the dish ;

3 . Chop tomatoes , put a small amount of oil and salt in the pot , stir the tomatoes for a while , pour the dried scallops , put half a bowl of water , a small amount of sugar , cover the pot and simmer for 1 minute , then put in the chopped Coriander , thicken with raw powdered water ;

4 . Pour the juice on top of the steamed tender tofu .

Tips :

Tender tofu can not be put in the oil pan , short cooking keeps the freshness of the tofu , the juice made of dried scallops and tomatoes , delicious and sweet . They will help you to be a pretty girl in the short sleeve season . If you don’t plan to stimulate your arms , you will encounter the fate of being abandoned by all fashion designers , because the sleeves are the first part of the summer designer to cut !

Has a beautiful jade arm that cannot rely on eating , but also combined with some thin arm movements , so as to better cultivate a slim jade arm .

Weight Loss Recipe : Grain Rice

Materials : brown rice , Wubao powder , dried radish , salt , oil .

Method : Brown rice is soaked in clean water for 2 hours , added with salt and oil and steamed , then sprinkled with Wubao powder and dried radish separately to make the rice not astringent .

Efficacy : Brown rice can regulate unsaturated fat , strengthen intestinal peristalsis , prevent constipation and intestinal cancer . Brown rice is rich in dietary fiber , which can be combined with cholesterol to promote the discharge of cholesterol , thereby helping to lower blood lipids . Brown rice is a natural diuretic that can promote metabolism and eliminate excess nutrients and toxins from the body .

Five-grain rice weighted loss recipes , first help you to remove toxins from the body , and then gradually develop a lean body of a step-by-step process .

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