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Weight Loss / Exercise to lose weight / 15-minute classic weight loss exercised , fast weight loss

15-minute classic weight loss exercised , fast weight loss

From a calorie consumption point of view , climbing a 15-minute staircase is as many calories as brisk walking 30 minutes . Climbing stairs is equivalent to walking vertically . It has many benefits and amazing calorie consumption . It can exercise physical strength , modify muscles , and strengthen bones . Vertical exercised is not just climbing stairs , but also includes the following items , which can also achieve fitness effects .

1. Climb the hill

calories consumed per hour: 408 calories (upper and lower)

Benefits: you can do it outdoors

Warning: People with bad knee joints should be careful when going downhill

2. Climb the stairs and walk

calories consumed per hour: 408 cards; 612 cards (only on)

Benefits: It is very helpful to exercise muscles and bones, and it can be done in very little time each time

Warning: If you have problems with heart, joints, and balance, go to the doctor first.

3. Aerobic pedal

calories consumed per hour: 578 calories

Benefits: Musculoskeletal helps, strengthen the thighs and upper body, and it is more fun for everyone to do together.

Warning: It costs money and has a big impact on the knee joint.

4. Stair climbing machine

Energy consumption per hour: 612 calories

Benefits: You can change patterns, listen to music, watch TV, read, and adjust the slope

Warning: To spend money to buy equipment, or go to the gym to use.

Note: The calorie consumption is estimated by a 67 kg person.

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