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10 weight loss tips to avoid getting fat in winter

Be sure to pay attention . There are 10 dangerous unit fat traps hidden behind the cold winter . If you are losing weight , you will ” get fat and not clean up ” . Don’t regret when you are blessed !

Trap 1

The cold weather sooner or later makes many people lose the courage to exercise outdoors . The habit of swimming regularly was also silent because the water became colder and it was troublesome to change clothes .

Crossing the trap :

Do indoor exercise to develop the habit of exercise must adhere to , regular exercise 4 days a week , only 20-30 minutes a day , you can increase your body’s metabolic rate , you do not have to worry about gaining weight at any time .

Four indoor sports are recommended here :

1 . Watch TV and shake the hula hoop by the way : The hula hoop can consume about 5 calories per kilogram per hour . Taking the weight of 45 kilograms as an example , it can consume about 45 (kg ) * 5 calories in an hour . = 225 calories , and it will become a beauty of slim waist in time .

2 . Buy a roll of rhythmic gymnastics video and jump with it : for the movement of strong body curves of various parts of the body , it is simple and has no venue restrictions , and it consumes 4.2-5.7 calories per kilogram per hour .

3 . Climbing stairs : Climbing stairs back and forth can increase cardiopulmonary function . The calories consumed per kilogram per hour is even more amazing , with 10-18 calories .

4 . Rope skipping : Even the primary school students will consume 10-15 calories per kilogram per hour .

Trap 2

After the weather is cold , the temperature of the bathroom decreases accordingly , and the hot water in the bathtub quickly cools down , . So it is done in a hurry .

Crossing the trap :

Do warm-up exercises in advance before entering the bathroom (about 3-5 minutes ) to warm up the body , smooth blood circulation , and start the metabolism . It will be difficult to adapt .

The temperature in the bathtub should not be too high at the beginning . It is better to put the water below the chest (if you are cold , you can wear a bath towel on your shoulder ) , and gradually increase the water temperature and the amount of water . Remember to do some small exercises in the bathtub , massage the body , etc . – exercise in the bathtub will be very thin .

Trap 3

I wear more clothes every day . I feel a little tight when I wear it . The loser part is that I don’t care about my lines ever since .

Crossing the trap :

Don’t let yourself develop the bad habit of ” being invisible ” . It is a self-deception . You will be unable to compare and gradually lose vigilance . It is recommended that you develop the habit of weighing in the morning and evening from now on , and measure the size of each part of the body once a week to accurately grasp the changes in body curves . Usually wear more fitted clothes , and know that you are getting fat when your waist is tight , otherwise you will really regret it until next summer when you find that everything is late .

Trap 4

I believe that many people has / had a ” bitter summer ” experience that they can’t eat in the summer . After the temperature drops , the appetite is widened , coupled with the attractive aroma of street snacks . Food can’t help but want to eat big chunks .

Crossing the trap :

If you really want to eat fried chicken , you must reduce the amount of fat per meal . For example , if you want to eat stir-fried vegetables , you should replace them with cold vegetables , and if you want to eat fried fish , you should replace them with steamed fish . Those who often eat out can prepare a bowl of hot water or clear soup to filter out the oil . As long as the total amount of fat in a day do not exceed the standard , you can enjoy the food with peace of mind .

Trap 5

People have a good appetite when they are cold , and eat fast , and eat a lot of food in a hurry .

Crossing the trap :

After cool , people’s basal metabolic rate is higher than that in summer . Naturally , food intake increases and appetite increases greatly . It takes 30 minutes for a person’s satiety center to pass from the stomach to the brain . If the meal is finished at once , the brain has not received the signal of satiety . Of course , it will be bowl after bowl due to lack of satiety . Cultivating the habit of chewing slowly is the only way to reduce the intake of excess food . In addition , drinking soup or a large glass of water before a meal to get a full stomach is also a way to adapt .

Trap 6

At this time , it is easy to have constipation . The bulging belly makes others think that they are fat and have a small belly .

Crossing the trap :

The chance of constipation is greatly increased when the amount of exercise and water is reduced . In addition to continuous exercise and drinking plenty of water , you should eat less sweets , fried foods , and foods rich in fiber , such as vegetables , konjac , and mushrooms , to stimulate gastrointestinal motility and bulging belly Naturally speaking to you Bye-Bye .

Trap 7

The season of hot pot eating is here again . Wow , come with a plate of sesame oil and a bowl of sesame sauce . The slices of lamb and beef are also delicious . Ask for another plate !

Crossing the trap :

You can eat hot pot with everyone in peace of mind , but you must first understand what makes you fat .

First , the hot pot ingredients are all cooked in water . It is low-fat cooking food , but don’t ignore the ” terrible soup ” because all the oil is in the soup , and the hot pot soup is the ” essence ” .

Secondly , if you want to eat hot pot , you can’t do without all kinds of flavorful seasonings , but their super high calories are fat traps .

Thirdly , all kinds of meat slices and meatballs must be regular customers in the hot pot , but they often carry oily fat meat . This is a crisis of fattening ! Here are a few tips for you to eat hot pot of having to gain weight : First , eat more vegetables to make you feel full , try to eat less soup and less meat . Secondly , in order to replace the greasy seasoning with unprecedented calories , you can make your own seasoning-soy sauce + scallion + garlic + chili , which is very delicious . Third , buy more konjac fans and konjac chunks as hot pot ingredients . Konjac fiber is high and calories low , which greatly reduces the chance of gaining weight .

Trap 8

Tian Leng eating ice cream and other sweets seems to have become a symbol of the fashionable lady like wearing short sleeves in winter . Ice creams of all flavors , delicious indeed can not be rejected . So , come one , wow , another one .

Crossing the trap :

If you want to solve the greedy , it is understandable , so eat half a bowl ! But we still have to restrain ourselves as much as possible , otherwise we will lack certain nutrients and many problems will follow .

Trap 9

As the temperature gradually decreases , the desire to eat snacks becomes more and more intense , especially in the idle night , your will will completely lose resistance .

Crossing the trap :

If you really don’t find anything to eat , you must be careful when choosing food . Foods with low calories , easy to digest , supplement physical strength and satisfy appetite , such as salty porridge with warm soup and soup noodles , are more suitable .

Never avoided fried foods and stews that is not easy to digest , it will only make you regret when you stand on the scale the next day . If the willpower has not been completely defeated by desire , it is recommended that you choose low-calorie foods such as low-fat milk , fruit , konjac jelly , etc . to calm your mood , beauty and beauty , and kill two birds with one stone .

Trap 10

In the summer , the water loss is very fast , and drinking too much boiled water will not feel dull and tasteless . This time is different . Fragrant cocoa and milk tea will be more attractive than plain water . Before long , you will find out , how can you gain weight without eating anything ?

Crossing the trap :

Do you feel that the level of boiled water is light and tasteless ? Teach you to make a simple and convenient ” lemonade ” : squeeze a little lemon into boiled water , if you don’t like too sour , you can add some sugar , such lemonade tastes sweet and sour , can increase the desire to drink boiled water .

In addition , the heat of a lemon does not exceed 30 calories , and the heat after dilution with water is almost zero . You can also use brewed tea bags such as eucommia tea , herbal tea , green tea , etc , their natural aroma can not be replaced by cocoa and milk tea .

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