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10 simple ways to lose weight naturally

There are many bad weight loss messages on the Internet . Most of the suggested content is questionable at best , and not based on any actual science . However , there are several natural weight loss methods that have proven effective . The top 10 editors on the weight loss drug list recommend 10 simple natural weight loss methods .

1 . Add protein to your diet

In terms of weight loss , protein is the king of nutrition .

Your body digests and metabolizes the protein you eats  , so a high-protein diet can promote metabolism to burn up to 80-100 calories per day

A high-protein diet can also make you feel fuller and reduce your appetite . In fact , some studies show that people eat 400 fewer calories per day on a high-protein diet .

Even something as simple as eating a high-protein breakfast (eg eggs ) can have a powerful effect .

2 . Eat food with full ingredients and single ingredients

In order to become healthier , one of the best things you can do is to build your diet on complete single ingredient food .

By doing this , you can eliminate most of the added sugar , add fat and processed foods .

the most whole foods is naturally very full , which makes it easier to stay within healthy calorie limits .

In addition , eating whole foods can provide your body of many essential nutrients needed for proper functioning .

Losing weight is usually a natural ” side effects  ” of eating whole foods .

3 . Avoid processed foods

Processed foods usually add high sugar , fat and calories .

More importantly , the design of processed food allows you to eat as much as possible . Compared with raw foods , they are more likely to cause addictive diets .

4 . Reserve healthy food and snacks

Some studies have shown that your food at home greatly affects your weight and eating behavior .

By always providing healthy food , you can reduce your or other family members ‘ chances of eating unhealthy food .

There are many healthy and natural snacks that are easy to prepare and carry with you .

These include yogurt , whole fruits , nuts , carrots and boiled eggs .

5 . Limit the intake of added sugar

Eating a lot of sugar has a lot to do with some of the world’s leading diseases , including heart disease , type 2 diabetes and cancer .

On average , Americans consume about 15 teaspoons of sugar per day . This amount is usually hidden in various processed foods , . So you may consume a lot of sugar without realizing it .

Because sugar has many names in the ingredient list , it is difficult to determine how much sugars the product actually contains .

Reducing sugar intake is a good way to improve diet and lose weight .

6 . Drink water

In fact , drinking water helps to lose weight .

Drinking 0 , 5 liters (17 ounces ) of water may increase the calorie burned by 24-30% after one hour .

Drinking water before meals may also lead to reduced calorie intake , especially for middle-aged and elderly people .

Water is especially good for weight loss when it replaces calories and sugar drinks .

7 . Drink unsweetened coffee

Fortunately , people realize that coffee is a healthy drink containing antioxidants and other beneficial compounds .

Drinking coffee can support energy levels to increase weight loss and calories you burn .

Caffeinated coffee can increase your metabolism by 3-11% and reduce risk by as much as 23-50% .

In addition , black coffee is very suitable for weight loss , because it can make you feel full , but almost no calories .

8 . Glucose manna supplement

Glucomannan is one of several diet pills that have been proven effective .

This water-soluble natural dietary fiber comes from the root of the konjac plant , also known as elephant yam .

Glucomannan has low calories , occupies space in the stomach and delays gastric emptying . It also reduces the absorption of protein and fat and supplies beneficial intestinal bacteria .

Its excellent water absorption capacity is considered to be the reason why it is so effective against weight loss . One capsule can turn a whole glass of water into a gel .

9 . Avoid liquid calories

Liquid calories come from beverages , such as sugary soft drinks , fruit juices , chocolate milk and energy drinks .

These drink is harmful to health in several ways , including increasing the risk of obesity . One study showed that every time a sugary drink is taken each day , the risk of childhood obesity increases by 60% .

It is also important to note that your brain does not register the actual calories of liquid calories in the same way , . So you end up putting those calories on top of everything you eat .

10 . Limit the intake of refined carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates are carbohydrates , most of their beneficial nutrients and fiber are removed .

Carbohydrates left in the refining process , but easily digested by the body , can increase overeating and disease .

The main dietary sources of refined carbohydrates is white flour , white bread , white rice , soda , pastries , snacks , sweets , pasta , breakfast cereals and sugar .

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