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10 beautiful actresses with sexy legs

Beautiful legs are attractive places for women, not to mention the beautiful and moving female stars. In fact, beautiful female singers often show sexy beautiful legs in the MV, which is the big selling point of the album.

1. Mo Wenwei: Beautiful legs are a major attraction of MV

Filming the “In fact I always wanted to say to you” MV, Mo Wenwei showed her beautiful ballet

Erdi Shitian believes that Mo Wenwei’s beautiful legs have far surpassed her beauty, and her slender and tender legs are just the perfect ending. It is these beautiful legs that made her famous in the circle. Almost every film she makes will show sexy legs, making people look at them.

2. Wang Xinling: Beautiful legs are a big part of MV

In the previous ten female actresses with a height of less than 1 meter 6 and long slender legs, Erdi Shuitian said, I don’t know whether Wang Xinling has caught the psychology of men who love beautiful legs, and I often watch it in her MV When she was playing with her legs, her first music video appeared to be called “Love You”, and there were dozens of pictures of playing with naked legs. In addition, there are many, many more, they are playing, hehe, it seems that she Love legs very much.

3. Jolin Tsai: Beautiful legs are a big show of MV

Jolin Tsai has a good figure and dares to show. Her MV breaks through and sexy once, beautiful legs and split legs, G milk, difficult movements, and wonderful dance steps are the four major show points in her MV.

4. Xue Kaiqi: Beautiful legs are a highlight of MV

The amazing scene in the MV of Xue Kaiqi’s Fang Datong’s chorus “Recollection”, love this song, and love this scene even more

Xue Kaiqi, who has never liked to be sexy, made a MV for the title song “It’s MyDay” of the first Mandarin album. There is a scene in the MV of the song “Recollection of Memories” with Fang Datong. The model, after repeated rewinding, confirmed to be Kaiqi Xiaonizi): Her lower body only wears shorts on the sofa, revealing a pair of white and slippery beautiful legs. In addition, she also shows in other songs of this album. The beautiful legs lifted, and Erdi shrimp fields suddenly lit up, hoping that she would continue to show.

5. Xu Ruoxuan: Barefoot is a major feature of MV

Erdi Shitian discovered that in all photos and music videos of Xu Ruoxuan’s album “Viviand…”, Vivian was barefoot and did not wear shoes. Originally it was just because of compassion that her newly opened foot could not bear the pain of wearing shoes. So I made such a suggestion, thinking that the effect of the shooting was very good, but it visually highlighted her pair of slender and fair legs! The performance that had to go barefoot for the sake of a foot injury actually became a major feature of Vivian’s performance! In addition, do you have impressions of some beautiful legs in the music video of Xu Ruoxuan’s classic song “Laughing Eyes”?

6. Wen Lan: Legend of Beautiful Legs of “Eastern Madonna”

Objectively speaking, Wen Lan’s beautiful legs are not as beautiful as those of the previous ones. However, her sexy integration of the beautiful legs into the whole is unrivaled. No wonder she is called “Eastern Madonna”. Erdi Shitian likes Wen Lan very much. OS is not the same”, several scenes in the MV, one by one, Wen Lan used his instep to catch the metal microphone stand, which is a classic.

7. Xu Huixin: Snow White’s beautiful leg legend

Hui Huixin, who has fair skin and long hair and long legs, was intentionally or unintentionally focused on her 42-inch long legs every time the MV was filmed. What impressed me most was the scene where she walked barefoot in the snow in the music video of “July 7 Eyes”.

8. Chen Huilin: Legend of the Beautiful Legs

Chen Huilin and Chen Xiaochun’s “Sand billowing” MV Chen Huilin shows long legs temptation

Tianhou Chen Huilin has a pair of slender legs, her MV is very familiar to everyone, not to mention.

9. A Duo: If it is just beautiful legs, MV will not be banned

A Duo’s MV has always been famous for its boldness and gorgeous pictures. No matter whether it is “Thousand Faces”, “Mr. Honey” and “Treasure”, the sex appeal is displayed to the extreme. There are too many things A Duo wants to show. If she is just showing her beautiful legs, the MV will not be banned.

10. Meng Tingwei: MV beautiful leg pictures that puzzled me since childhood

Meng Tingwei’s classic song “A Cloud Sitting in the Wind”. When I was a child, Erdi Shrimp Field was often wondering why this video was so bare that Meng Tingwei’s bare feet, including her MV The same is true. As I grow up and mature, I want to understand that it turned out to be the leg of the director of the MV at that time, huh, huh.

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